Rules for Fun Fun Forum

The goal of the Fun Fun Forum is to have a friendly, familiar, fun place where we can have structured discussions with other programmers.

If you post with this goal in mind, you are unlikely to run into issues with moderators.
If you feel that the above is unclear, here are some specifics:

Make people feel at home

Make others feel welcome and included, especially if they are new to the forum and to programming. One important, but often forgotten, aspect of free speech is that speech can be used to discourage the speech of others. By speaking in certain ways (for example; condescending, aggressive, or outright personal attacks) you can push certain people away from the discussion simply because they do not feel comfortable in the hostile discussion space (even though they are perfectly comfortable discussing the core issue).

Understanding over rhetoric

The forum is a place to learn together, not a place to ”win” discussions. Remember that programming is not physics and that right and wrong is a huge gray area. Be helpful and friendly, and always try to be the person that raises the level of discussion - if someones comment can be interpreted in multiple ways, pick the most positive one. If you feel someones comment is inappropriate, report it, and let the moderators talk with the person in private, instead of publicly shaming them.

Stay on topic

Help keep the discussion on track. A derailed discussion is not good for the original poster, nor the people that have entered the thread hoping to discuss a specific issue. Trolling is a bannable offense on this forum, even the subtle kind. Playing devils advocate is okay once in a while of you do it in a nice and considerate manner, but if you do it out of habit rather than very selectively, you’ll be getting a ”gentle warning” from a moderator eventually.