About the Spotlight category

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What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a special category on Fun Fun Forum that, unlike the rest of Fun Fun Forum, is publicly readable to the Internet. On a regular basis we move topics to the Spotlight category, to show off to the rest of the world.

Limit: For now, max one topic per week can be Spotlighted.

Videos: @mpj will post videos on Fun Fun Function featuring Spotlighted topics. Cadence of these videos is TBD, but at least monthly, at most weekly.

Nominating: A topic will be highlighted when at least 2 mods agree that it should be highlighted. Anyone is free to nominate a topic by PMing or pinging @dakom, @skylize, @auchEnia, @Vallis or @mpj.

Promoting Fun Fun Forum: The primary goal of Spotlight is to be a way to promote the Fun Fun Forum to non-Patrons, so mods will aim to pick great, shareable content of wide appeal to the developer community. I.e. not internal joke threads super funny to people that are already members.

We have awesome members: The secondary goal of Spotlight is to be a “thank you for being awesome” to contributors of FFForum. Therefore, mods will try to feature a wide range of topics and forum members. In practice, this mostly means that we just avoid featuring the same kind of subject and discussion participants as the week before.

Privacy: Fun Fun Forum is a private forum and people sometimes discuss things that they don’t want made completely public on the Internet, and we mods are mindful of that. We won’t Spotlight topics in the vein of “advice with conflict at work”, and we’ll always notify people in the topic that it’s going to go public (this is also a good place to call people out for their excellent participation in the topic). Please reach out to us if you have any concerns.

Special badge: A special “Spotlight hero” badge will be awarded to a participant of the topic who made a post that particularly stood out. Typically just one is awarded, but in some extreme cases mods will award these to multiple participants in a topic.

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