New member? The most important thing to do now …

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Welcome! I am MPJ, your forum admin! I am here to make you feel good, along with my fellow moderators @auchEnia, @skylize, @Vallis and @dakom!

The most important thing to do now …

Head over to the introduce yourself topic and write a post telling us who you are!

Our goal for the forum is to create a friendly, familiar, fun place where you can have structured discussions with me and other programmers. I’m going to be very hands on, and I’m going try to nurture a friendly and fun place where we can get to know one another, welcome and educate new programmers, and have interesting discussions about code and work and life.

I also hope to have a lot of discussions about the Fun Fun Function show itself - where you assume the role of my executive producers - giving me feedback, ideas and inspiration - having a back and forth with you before ideas turns into episodes.

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